Nelly Finally Addressed That Excel Spreadsheet Text From “Dilemma” Music Video


2002: the year we were t9-ing up a storm with our flip phones and drowning our lips in heinous amounts of frosted lip gloss. It was also the year that Kelly Rowland texted her boyfriend via a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, then got mad that he never texted back.

When Nelly released the music video for his hit “Dilemma,” we weren’t exactly the height of advanced mobile phone technology. There were no smartphones, and the word “selfie” hadn’t worked its way into modern slang. Still, there was nothing more mystifying than when the video featured Kelly Rowland texting on her Nokia phone using Microsoft Excel. 

You’ll probably remember it by the screenshot.

We’re not really sure who the heck let that happen, but Nelly finally addressed the situation fourteen years later. In a recent interview on Australia’s The Project, he laughed off the spreadsheet mishap by dodging the question and saying that the phone was super high tech in 2002.

 “That was the new technology at the time. It looks a little dated now,” he said.

Well, yeah. No one uses a Nokia sidekick in 2016, but we’re pretty sure no one ever used Microsoft Excel to write a text. Come on, Nelly. Just admit the director slipped up.

Check out the full interview below.

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