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Nico Tortorella Fell Out with Partner’s Family Over Polyamorous Relationship Comments

Younger actor Nico Tortorella’s decision to go public with his polyamorous relationship status has seen the star fall out with his partner Bethany Meyers’ family ahead of the holidays.

The 29-year-old, who stars alongside Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster in the TV Land show, identifies as pansexual, and opened up about his relationship with Bethany, his lesbian partner of 11 years, in an interview for magazine The Advocate in July (17).

However, while his frankness was applauded by fans, his comments caused some tension with Bethany’s family. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, the actor shared that he and Bethany have made alternative plans for celebrating the holidays.

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“Honestly, it’s kind of a sensitive topic right this second,” he told People at the World Wide Orphans Gala on Monday night (13Nov17). “Because of all the attention that the relationship has gotten recently, we are coming up to the holiday season and because of certain things that were said, Bethany and I are not necessarily, completely welcome in her family celebrations this year.”

But despite the rift caused by his honesty, Nico has no regrets about breaking his silence on the couple’s unconventional relationship, and insists it’s a sign that the conversation needs to continue.

“It just means we have to talk about it more,” he sighed. “There are millions of people in non-traditional relationships that get cut off from their families every single day and it’s not okay.”

Moving on to happier territory, the pair revealed they have fun plans in place for the holidays, which of course will include some unconventional activities.

“We’re gonna be in Chicago, big Thanksgiving celebration next week,” he smiled. “And then Bethany and I are headed to Peru for a few weeks before Christmas to go do some ayahuasca (an Amazonian mind-altering substance used for various ailments by shaman).”

“I’m very excited,” he added. “I did it last year – this is (Bethany’s) first time.”

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