21 Times We Fell In Love With Paul Rudd

There has never been a moment where we see Paul Rudd and he doesn’t make us fall in love with him. We used to stay home from school sick, watching him in films like Overnight Delivery and The Object of My Affection, wishing he would one day love us. While we still wait for that day to come, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the times he’s made us fall head over heels in love with him. 

1. That time he took the cutest. shower. ever.


2. That time he showed the world that he was the best dancer alive.


3. That time he made you want to gleefully reenact your favorite movie moments together.


4. That time he reminded the world that he’s the best dancer alive (how could anyone forget?).


5. That time he dropped it low, and it was funny, but you still checked out the back (and liked it).


6. That time he dropped it low without clothes on and there was nothing funny about it. Mee-ow.


7. That time he was in a made-for-TV movie version of The Great Gatsby and your heart skipped a beat.


8. That time he turned an awesome 80s classic into the most effective pick-up line, ever. Panties, dropped.


9. That time he totally encouraged you to wear a cape, and you knew that there’s a real chance he could love you.


10. That time he divulged his secret method of being so cool, and it made him even cooler.


11. That time he divulged his secret to dealing with life’s difficulties, and it somehow made him even cooler.


12. That time he made you feel like it was okay to do you, no matter how disastrous that may be.


13. That time he demanded he not be stopped, as if anyone would ever stop him from doing anything he wanted.


14. That time he did the Carlton and made it seem like a legitimate dance move.


15. That time he looked up and his eyes fused entirely with your soul. 


16. That time bubbles gave him really deep thoughts about the world.


17. That time he showed up on your favorite TV show, married your favorite character, and reminded you that your heart belongs to him.


18. That time words presented too much of a challenge for him and it was Swoon City.


19. Any of the times that he makes these facial expressions. Every single time.


20. That time he finally he hooked up with his step-sister in the greatest movie of the 90s.


21. That time he was cast as a superhero, took his shirt off, and…what was I saying?