Riley’s strict morals led to relationship with older man

The 24-year-old St. Trinian’s actress is engaged to South African entrepreneur Elon Musk, 38, and lives with him and his five sons from a previous marriage in California.

But despite her comparative youth, Riley is adamant she revels in her relationship with Musk – because younger guys aren’t interested in a girl who wants to settle down.

She tells Britain’s Esquire magazine, “Even as a teenager, the men I found attractive were all in their thirties. In my experience most women mature quicker than men. Plus, the things I wanted to do from a very early age precluded a lot of guys my own age from wanting to have anything to with me. I was very upfront about it, ‘Hi, I’m Talulah. I don’t believe in sex before marriage, and I want to have 10 children.’ It would have to be a mature and brave individual that would be willing to face such a challenge! Obviously, the no-sex-before-marriage-thing was abandoned a few months into my engagement.”

And the star is eager to add five girls to Musk’s already bustling family: “It’s funny really, but when I was a young romantic I wanted to have 10 kids. Along with issues like global warming, I think a problem with the world today is population decline. We’re going to try to have five girls to balance things out.”