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Sandra Bullock Feared for Husband’s Life as Bombs Rained Down on Him

Sandra Bullock feared she’d have to spend Christmas as a widow when her hunky new husband was caught up in bombings in Iraq.

Celebrity mechanic Jesse James jetted out to visit U.S. troops stationed in the war zone and film a segment for his hit TV show, Monster Garage.

But just when he was preparing to head home for the holidays, James was caught up in crossfire.

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And Bullock recalls, “I just wanted him home for Christmas Eve and they were bombing and he’s emailing from a bunker, going, ‘We can’t leave. We’re being bombed.’ People around him are being killed.”

But the Speed star admits she knew she’d have to accept her husband’s daredevil lifestyle when she married him last year.

She adds, “I knew what I was getting into. Not many people do what he does and I admire it so much.”

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