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Shailene Woodley Has Been Arrested For Trespassing

shailene woodley
David Edwards

While Shailene Woodley waits to find out what’s happening with the last Divergent film, she’s getting herself into a bit of trouble. The 24-year-old actress was arrested while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Woodley was brought away in cuffs for trespassing on Monday morning. Apparently, she was part of a “peaceful protest” in Sioux Country, North Dakota. Around 100 protesters stood on the construction site for the pipleline project before cops removed them. Shailene and several other protesters were removed in cuffs.

For those of you not familiar, the planned pipeline crosses sacred Standing Rock Sioux land and burial grounds. The placement of the pipeline would disrupt the land (and also…how many horror movies has taught us to never build anything on ancient burial grounds).

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All joking aside, the Federal appeals court rejected the request to stop construction. This is what sparked the protest and lead to Woodley’s arrest.

How many of you think it’s kind of cool that Woodley is as tough and controversial as her character in Divergent? We weren’t expecting that from Amy Jeurgens!

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