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Sir Sean Connery, known for his role in the original James Bond films, dies at 90

Sir Sean Connery died today at 90 years old. The Scottish actor, known most for playing James Bond in seven James Bond films, died peacefully in his sleep while in the Bahamas. No immediate cause of death has been shared, although it has been reported by his son that he was feeling unwell for some time.


Around the world, fans of James Bond movies are mourning his loss.

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Sir Sean Connery’s debut as James Bond began in 1962 in Dr. No, followed shortly by From Russia with Love in 1963. 


The creator of the original James Bond films, Ian Flemings, was not sold on Sean Connery for the part at first.  Seven James Bond movies later, clearly Connery proved him wrong. According to his obituary, Connery made the character his own. While some movie critics were ruthless, the public did not share those harsh reviews. 


Despite those harsh reviews movie tickets sold with ease for all of the James Bond films. Dr. No grossed $59.6M worldwide. From Russia With Love grossed $78.9M worldwide, and the movie tickets kept selling for each James Bond film after that.

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While the public continued to love Connery playing the role of James Bond, often calling him by the name Bond or 007 when seeing him on the streets, Connery himself grew tired of both the role and the publicity it brought on. 


Although the James Bond films shot Connery into stardom, he felt that he had so much more potential as an actor that went untapped. While starring in seven James Bond Films, he took on other roles, starkly different from the James Bond films, including the character Mark Rutland in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1964 film Marnie. Later, in 1976, he played the role of Robin Hood alongside Audrey Hepburn in Robert and Marian.


Sir Sean Connery won many awards throughout his acting career. While he never won a major award for his role in the James Bond films, he won his first Oscar in 1988 for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in The Untouchables. For the same film, he won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture. After several nominations, Connery was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000, inspired by his support for Scottish independence.

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Never Say Never Again was the last James Bond movie that Connery starred in, released in 1983. In this James Bond film, Connery plays an aging agent Bond. The film’s name came as a suggestion from Connery’s wife, saying he had once promised to never reprise the role of James Bond again. Although the film was a success, issues during production caused Connery to take a full break from filmmaking and acting for over two years.


It was common knowledge that Connery wasn’t a fan of the Hollywood lifestyle. His obituary notes how he preferred to stay away from the glitz of Hollywood. He preferred to play golf and enjoy the privacy allowed at his homes in Spain, Portugal, and the Caribbean. 


Despite his distaste for the allure of Hollywood, many would call him an icon of 20th-century film. 
Sir Sean Connery is survived by one son, the actor Jason Connery. Following the legacy of his father, Connery’s son Jason has since appeared in over 30 films and TV series throughout the years.

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