Smiths to host Nobel Peace concert

The pair will take to the stage in Oslo, Norway to host the concert which awards those who promote peace internationally.

The Smiths will be joined by Wyclef Jean, Toby Keith and Donna Summer, who will all perform at the event on 11 December (09).

In a statement, they say, “The opportunity to recognise the laureates contributions to the world peace movement will be an awe-inspiring experience.

“We are both humbled and honoured to take part in the Nobel Peace Prize Concert this year, and look forward to sharing the historic evening with artists and humanitarians from across the globe.”

And Nobel Peace Prize committee secretary Geir Lundestad thinks the couple are the ideal duo to host the 2009 ceremony: “Together they’ve had a global impact on the arts and philanthropy and will be excellent ambassadors for peace.”

Last year’s (08) concert was presented by Scarlett Johansson and Sir Michael Caine, with performances from Diana Ross and Fiest.