Sophia Bush Has No Regrets About Her Short Lived Marriage To Chad Michael Murray


If you were a teen in the early ’00s then you probably lived for The WB’s One Tree Hill. Actress Sophia Bush starred as Brooke Davis on the teen hit drama with Chad Michael Murray who starred as Lucas Scott. Therefore when the duos real life romance came to life; it was like a fairy tale come true. 

In April of 2005, Davis and Murray got married and it seemed like a match made in heaven until Bush filed annulment papers just five months later. Though the annulment was not granted the pair eventually divorced in 2006. While the then 24-year old actress was devastated by the divorce at the time, at 34-year old, she now says it taught her a lot about relationships and she has no regrets. 

Bush told Cosmopolitan magazine, “In my 20s, when I was starting out my career as an actor, I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but one found me and became serious, even though I hadn’t planned to settle down until my 30s. But when the person you’re with asks you to marry him, you think: This must be happening because it’s supposed to. But I refuse to let that one relationship define me, which is why I’ve done my best to avoid discussing it for 10 years. The reality is that, yes, it was a massive event in my life.”


Bush went on to encourage people, especially young women that there is more to life than marriage and finding, “The One.” She said, “I came to appreciate that relationships often serve a specific purpose at a certain point in time, for myriad reasons. Some are meant to heal you, some are meant to teach you how to build yourself up, and some are meant to show you how to trust your own intuition.This reality has taught me that the relationships that don’t lead to lifetime commitments are not failures. Not every love can last forever.”

This is why we live for Sophia Bush. The actress is currently slaying the game on Chicago PD while her ex-husband and former co-star Chad Michael Murray is now happily married to actress Sarah Roemer.

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