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Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Are Friends Again! What?

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris
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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harrison had a remarkably messy breakup. Swifty rushed into a new relationship so fast that the 32-year-old DJ barely had time to process what happened. Harris felt so frustrated that he dragged the singer on social media, and when Swift confirmed that she wrote his single “This Is What You Came For” all hell broke loose

It seems like after all that happened, the relationship would be irreparable. Mainly, why would Calvin even want to be friends with Swift after all the stuff he said about her. Why would Swift want to be friends with Calvin after being publicly dragged? 

Apparently, The Calvin-Taylor narrative is one Swift definitely wants to be part of — apparently, the pair are friends again!

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According to a source who spoke to TMZCalvin and Taylor have been texting to work out their differences. We should note that this is just a friendly relationship and has not lead to a rekindled romance (which would be pretty hard to reignite considering Hell has frozen over). 

Even though nothing romantic has happened, the pair have totally rekindled their friendship. So far, they haven’t seen each other in person or talked on the phone, but texting is a pretty solid start.

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