Taylor Swift Needs Some Vine Pointers: 6 Celebs to Show Her How It’s Done

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On Wednesday night, Taylor Swift joined the world of Vine. Her very first video? A few seconds of the country pop starlet sitting on the couch, watching Titanic with her cat Meredith, along with the caption: “At 9pm, I’m either on stage or I’m doing this.”

We hate to say this, but to be perfectly honest, it was a little lame… But fear not, TSwift! Many of your fellow celebs are Vine pros. Here are some of our favorites, please do take notes. 

Darren Criss
The Glee star has some hilarious Vines, from his days on the show’s set to his time on the road with pal Theo Katzman.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is notorious for her crazy Vines, which mostly consist of the America’s Next Top Model host goofing off and doing some entertaining celebrity impressions.

Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion?)
With 60 uploads to date, Snoop Dogg/Lion is a Vine addict. The rapper has attracted particular attention for the many videos in which he smokes some seriously giant blunts.

Kate Upton
Whether she’s celebrating SuperBowl Sunday or freezing in a bikini at a winter commercial shoot, Kate Upton always seems to be having a great time on Vine.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles may have broken Taylor Swift’s heart, but he certainly could give her a few Vine lessons. The One Direction superstar uses the app to showcase his backstage antics and the general pandemonium of the group’s world tour.

Maisie Williams
And last but most certainly not least, we couldn’t possibly forget the epically hilarious Vines from Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams. Her Red Wedding reaction video helped to pull us out of our GOT depression.

So there you have it: a sampling of six-second gems from the celebrity Vine world. Then again, 14002 people have already liked Taylor Swift’s vegging-out Vine so… maybe she’s onto something. 

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