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’32’: A Taylor Swift Parody For Sad Adults Who Don’t Live on Candy Clouds

Taylor Swift Parody Video

Taylor Swift speaks to the people — people who sleep in bubbles and drink sunbeams and drive slipper cars to work at the cloud factory. The youngest person in the world by standards of spirit, Swift doesn’t quite seem to be hitting the nail on the head in her depiction of the modern post-grad in her new song “22.” Instead of chronicling the toils so many of us knew at that age (so… many… cover letters…), Swift delivered the fantasy world she has built on a foundation of Neverland debris and a highly medicable state of denial. And while that’s all well and good, entertaining and delightful, some people out there crave something a little more real. In other words, bleak and depressing.

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Cue this new parody video from Fuse: “32,” tapping into all of the relatable hardships of your average thirtysomething — tedious employment, dieting, finding a dentist. Yes, that’s the life we know. Not oceans of buttercream, stranger-love, and emotional freedom. We’re a people weighted down by insecurity as we juggle bills and consider online dating. That’s us. That’s “32.” Enjoy… before crumbling into your regular state of exhausted self-loathing, that is.

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