5 Times We Knew Miley and Liam Were Perfect For Each Other

Back in the summer of 2009, filming began on The Last Song starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Their chemistry was undeniable and it sparked the beginning of a high profile romance that lasted until the end of 2013. But we all somehow knew Miley and Liam would get back together, and it’s all because of these moments. 

1. They can’t resist that gaze

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In The Last Song Liam played Will Blakelee, a volunteer at the local aquarium. He sat with Miley, who played the role of Ronnie, waiting for sea turtles to hatch on the beach all night. The ocean waves, the sandy beach, adorable sea turtles and Hemsworth’s baby blues…I couldn’t resist either.

2. When they sang together

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We all know Miley can sing, but Liam’s got pipes too. Even if he was screaming “She Will Be Loved” it was still adorable and I would definitely listen to it on replay.

3. Their adorable adventures

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This moment is hilarious because Miley’s character acts as if she wasn’t sitting on that rock pondering why Liam didn’t get her a scuba suit in the first place. Of course he was going to pull her in. And of course every girl in the theater turned to their best friend and said, “oh my god I wish that was me.” I did. No shame in my game.

4. They can joke around together


Remember that one time Miley pulled the ultimate prank on Liam by enlisting the help of Ashton Kutcher for MTV’s Punk’d? Liam stumbles upon two naked people in their car and understandably gets pissed especially when the cop is no help at all. It’s all fun and games though Liam, a joke is the ultimate gift!

5. The irony of these moments

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Well Liam, I guess luck is on your side buddy, because you didn’t lose her forever! And as it turns out Miley, he always did want you! Now adopt another dog, take it for long walks together and lets party like it’s 2009 again.

And all is right in the world

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