Yes, This Photo Is Most Certainly Bill Murray And Not Tom Hanks

bill murray

Remember the dress? We could yell all day until our faces were blue (or white depending on how you look at it), but “the dress” was always — and will always be — black and blue. To this day, thinking about it is still annoying. Even after all the photographic evidence from the dress manufacturer, people still insist it’s white and gold. Listen, just because white and gold is a way better color combination doesn’t mean that’s what the dressmakers chose. Okay, guys? Just stop.

The Internet has finally moved on from “the dress” (thank the Reddit lords above) and onto a random photo of Bill Murray (no, please stop!). Or is it a photo of Tom Hanks? We’re not sure. The Internet cannot decide. We have proof, but even then, it’s still confusing.

The photo in question surfaced on the hilarious blog Reasons My Son Is Crying in 2013. It depicts Bill Murray mimicking a crying child — but if it’s really Bill Murray, why does he look so much like Tom Hanks?

We don’t know the answer. Bill Murray is a mysterious guy. For all we know, he shape shifted into Tom Hanks. If you look Bill Murray in the eye, he automatically transforms into Tom Hanks (kind of like a celebrity Medusa, only you’re just confused, not turned to stone). All we do know for certain is that this is definitely Bill Murray in the flesh. So put it to rest, okay?

BBC confirmed it. They contacted the Laura DiMichele-Ross (her son is the one wailing away in the photo) to clear up any confusion. Her answer? “It’s definitely Bill.”

If that wasn’t enough, she confirmed that it was Bill in the original Facebook post.

facebook bill murray

The photo was taken by DiMichele-Ross’ husband Adam in 2012 at the Alfred Dunhill Links golf competition. 

“Bill’s a good person to follow as he jokes around and takes photos with fans,” she told BBC.

“My son took one look at him and started bawling,” she said, mentioning there’s another photo where “he’s not crying and just smiling normally.”

As further proof, Laura sent BBC a copy of the photo that Bill Murray had signed. Can anyone verify this signature? Was Tom Hanks pulling a fast one?

bill murray ohoto
Adam Ross

So there it is. This photo is 100 percent Bill Murray, but why can’t we accept it? There’s just no way in our minds that this looks anything like Bill Murray. It’s Tom Hanks all the way.

The only logical answer is that Tom Hanks was pretending to be Bill Murray the whole time. From the looks of it, the baby is the only one who knew that the strange person holding him was not who he said he was.

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