Alexander Skarsgard: ‘I’m not a method actor’

Alexander Skarsgard has never tried method acting because he needs to unwind when taking on dark or difficult roles.
In his new movie The Aftermath, the suave Swedish actor stars as Stefan Lubert, a German architect who is forced to share his home with a British military officer and his wife, played by Jason Clarke and Keira Knightley respectively, in the wake of the Second World War.
Speaking to WENN/Cover Media at the film’s London premiere, Alexander described Stefan as a “broken man” who had lost his wife in the war, but said he had tried to keep things light and had avoided getting deep into the role like a method actor.
“I think I’m quite good at letting go,” he explained. “When I’m out shooting, I’m not a method actor, so it’s not like I have to stay in that headspace for three months. The darker the project, the more important it is when I’m not shooting, to have fun, get away, see friends, see family, see loved ones. Because that’s how I recharge so I can come back and have the energy for another day on a set that can be quite intense.”
In the film, Stefan and Keira’s character Rachael Morgan begin to develop forbidden feelings for each other, despite initially hating each other due to the trauma and loss both have suffered in the conflict. Alexander said one of his favourite things about filming the movie was spending time with the British actress and plotting out their onscreen chemistry.
“It was wonderful, we got to spend a week or two here in London before we went to Hamburg and Prague to shoot the movie,” he added. “We got to map out the relationship and that journey was very exciting to both of us. Because there’s so much animosity there in the beginning, and finding that love story through grief and understanding of the other person’s sadness. Both have broken hearts, and that’s the beginning of that connection and how that slowly builds was very interesting to explore with her.”
The Aftermath debuts in cinemas on Friday (1Mar19).