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Amaury Nolasco Q&A: Unlocking ‘Prison Break’ on DVD

[IMG:L]Amaury Nolasco equates the writers on his hit show Prison Break to palm readers, and he’s in no rush to find out what the future holds. “Imagine somebody says you are going to die in a few weeks, I’d really rather not know,” he says. “The writers have a whole blackboard with a bunch of outlines and this and that and I just don’t want to know, because I don’t want to see the one that says Sucre dies.”

It’s no wonder the actor’s a little gun shy; his costars have been dropping like flies for the last two seasons. “I am more of a surprise kind of guy. I love to find out as I go,” he explains.

So far so good, at the close of Season 2 (out on DVD Sept. 4) it seemed as if Nolasco’s character Fernando Sucre might be headed for the morgue too, but when Hollywood.com caught up with the star he was quick to admit he does know one thing, his character will be back next season.

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Sucre, who escaped Fox River State Penitentiary with the help of his cellmate Michael Scofield [Wentworth Miller] and fellow inmates, lay dying in the street after being stabbed with a screw driver. Now he must find the strength to evade the authorities, save his kidnapped fiancé and help Michael break out of a Panama prison.

[IMG:R]Hollywood.com: Sucre was in rough shape during the season finale, what could possibly happen next?
Amaury Nolasco:
He is in a down spiral. We’ll see how he’s going to try to find out where his girl is eventually and whether she’s dead or not, because supposedly she was left in a hole with food, enough to last about a month. That’s it. So he’s going to try to find out where [her kidnapper Brad] Bellick is and find out some answers. Then he’s thrown into the circumstance, which is, is he going to do the right thing to help his buddy Michael. He’s in prison, he needs him. So there are a lot of things that come into play that are going to pull him one way and the other. And it is one of those things, which way do I go? What do I do? I love my character and these situations they put him in…I have to say that he has a lot going on. Maybe he is going to go on a drinking binge!

HW: In Season 1, Michael committed a crime to get into Fox River to help his brother Lincoln [Dominic Purcell], would Sucre do the same to help Michael?
[Laughs] I don’t want to say too much, but that could be an option.

HW: Rumor has it that Lincoln will have a love interest this season…
There are two new characters, actually there are four new characters. Two beautiful females played by Jodi Lyn O’Keefe and Danay Garcia. I don’t know which one he’s going to have the love affair with, because unlike Dominic I don’t go to the writers to find out what is going to happen… it is bringing something different to the table this year because, you know we’ve had two years of a manly testosterone show and these two girls bring a breath of fresh air. And then we have two other characters played by Bob Wisdom and Chris [Vance].

HW: Critics are saying the show could stagnate with some of the characters returning to prison. How do you react to that?
When you dare me to do something I will say “Watch me.” That is what I say to critics. “Watch me.” These guys and what we are doing this year is going to bring people to a different level. It is going to bring back everybody that we’ve had and more. Again, this is something that has never been done in TV or in movies. I think Prison Break is something that has never been seen before. I have to say Prison Break, 24, Lost are shows that are right there, we are already ahead. These are shows that are not the typical cop/lawyer shows or hospital shows so right there we are bringing something new to the table. I don’t want to say too much, so just trust me on this one and watch.

[IMG:L]HW: Were you surprised by the direction of the show in Season 2?
I knew it was going to be a secretive show so I love what the writers did and I’m very blessed to work with amazing writers…I hate to go to movies or watch a TV show and know the ending within 15 minutes. “Oh this is what’s going to happen.” That’s what audiences do; you try some way to figure out the movie as you go. You try to be more intelligent than the director or the writer and you try to figure out who the killer is. It is like playing Clue, and what these writers do, they keep people guessing and that’s what I love. Again, I love the direction; it was completely different and wait until you see what’s coming up in season three. They are really pushing the envelope this time around. There is no holds barred, season three takes place in a lawless prison where this place makes [Fox River] look like a five star hotel. They are not holding back on anything or at least as much as we can push through censorships.

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HW: Every episode of Prison Break has an amazing cliff hanger. Which one was your favorite last season?
My favorite was the one where Sucre gets the money and he turns on his friends. He picks up the bag after they find the money. He picks up the bag and pulls out the gun and says “You know what guys? The money is all mine. See ya.” It is so out of character for him. This is the guy who has always been the go-to-guy. He’s Michael’s best friend and to turn on him like that is something so out of character and so not predictable. That was the cliff hanger for a break. We went on a break for two weeks…so a lot of people were hating me. My mom even called me and said “Why would you do that?” I go “Mom, it is a TV show. Remember, I don’t tell them what to do [laughs], they write it.” And of course we find out later on that it was all a plan between him and Michael to get together later on in the show and share the money. We later find out there is no money in it.

[IMG:R]HW: You had less and less interaction with your costars in Season 2. Was it like a reunion when you did get to do scenes together?
Yeah, I have to say it was like a reunion every time we got a chance to work together, because of course this happened because every single character went on their own agenda. I had the agenda of looking for my girl so there was no reason for me to be with Michael. Of course the times that we worked together and we were reunited it was great. I miss those guys. Those are the guys I spent the whole first season with, especially Michael. All of my scenes were with him. So it was sad, but every time we got together it was like a reunion.

Prison Break Season 2 comes out on DVD Sept. 4, 2007

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