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‘American Pie 2’ Cast Interview



Also Known As: Jason
, age 23
You Know, the Guy Who …: Danced in his underwear for all of cyberspace
and went to third base with a pie
Status: Single
Post-Graduation Lows: Boys
and Girls
, Loser,
Saving Silverman
Post-Graduation High: None, but we’re banking on Prozac

Honors and Achievements: None
Summer Plans: Jim and the gang rent a beach house in Pie
, the summer after their freshman year in college. With one more
chance to hook up with Czech exchange student Nadia (Shannon
), Jim visits band camp to seek advice from the one girl he’s
slept with, Michelle (Alyson
Parting Shot: “I go through trials, tribulations and tomfoolery,”
says Biggs, who continues his memorable humiliation schtick here. “As far
as building up courage to go for it, the [hardest] would, of course, be
the kiss. But as far as the more strenuous scene, that would be the Krazy
Glue.” The kiss, by the way, is with Seann
William Scott
. The Krazy Glue, um, you’ll have to watch and find out
for yourself.


Also Known As: Alyson
, age 27
You Know, the Girl Who…: This one time, at band camp, did something
with a flute that … well, you’re not supposed to do at band camp.
Status: Dating actor Alexis Denisof (WB’s Angel)
Post-Graduation Low: Boys
and Girls
</i >
Post-Graduation High:
Continuing success on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Honors and Achievements: None
Summer Plans: Michelle’s a counselor at the infamous band camp and
becomes Jim’s coach in the technical art of How to be a Good Lover. (Apparently
she didn’t think Jim was that good)
Parting Shot: “It was like camp,” Hannigan squeals about the sequel-making
experience. “I was really into it. Although Jason’s very anti-social; he
was actually shot on a green screen and was never there.”




Also Known As: Seann William Scott, age 24
You Know, the Guy Who …: Drank a cup of beer at a party that had been “flavored” with a bodily secretion
Status: Single
Post-Graduation Lows: Evolution, Dude, Where’s My Car?
Post-Graduation Highs: Road Trip; Final Destination; um, Evolution and Dude, Where’s My Car? (well, you could argue both ways)
Honors and Achievements: None
Summer Plans: Stifler joins the summer gang on babe patrol, but in the hopes of sneaking a peek at two lesbian roommates, winds up in a liplock with … Jim (Jason Biggs).
Parting Shot: Scott is laid-back about his humiliating scenes in AP2, which include the aforementioned kiss and a shower in bodily fluid. “Well, I have drank semen,” he philosophizes. “And I got my head cut off in Final Destination. And I got an anal prostate ejaculation in Road Trip. In Dude, Where’s My Car?, I kissed my male co-star. So at this point I can’t do anything more ridiculous than I’ve already done.”


Also Known As: Shannon Elizabeth, age 27
You Know, the Girl Who…: Caused a ruckus in cyberspace by unknowingly stripping in front of Jim’s Webcam
Status: Engaged to actor Joseph Reitman
Post-Graduation Low: Tomcats
Post-Graduation High: Scary Movie
Honors and Achievements: 2001 ShoWest Female Star of Tomorrow; #33 on Maxim’s Hot 100 women list
Summer Plans: Czech exchange student Nadia is spending her summer traveling, and marks Great Falls, Mich., as one of her stops — hoping for a reunion with Jim.
Parting Shot: “I didn’t get to work with a lot of them the first time around, so this was the first time working with some of my friends — like Seann Scott, Natasha [Lyonne], Eddie [Kaye Thomas], the Shermenator [Chris Owen], Alyson [Hannigan] — and it was really great,” says Elizabeth. “There’s such a history there and they did so much for me the first time around, [so] that’s why you come back. You want to honor that.”




Also Known As: Chris Klein, age 22
You Know, the Guy Who …: Doo-wopped in the glee club and ran out on his senior lacrosse game to win the heart of Heather (Mena Suvari)
Status: Dating Katie Holmes (Dawson’s Creek)
Post-Graduation Lows: Say it Isn’t So, Here on Earth
Post-Graduation Highs: Starring in the high-profile Rollerball — although its many delays don’t bode well
Honors and Achievements: Movieline Young Hollywood Award for Male Superstar of Tomorrow
Summer Plans: Oz is apart from Heather for the summer, but they try to do the best they can, um, over the phone (that is, until Stifler picks up the extension).
Parting Shot: “Some of the girls I hadn’t seen for two years, [but] Biggs, Eddie, Seann, I’ve seen those guys throughout,” recalls Klein. “Coming together was ‘Oh, hey, how are you? Let’s grab some pop tarts. It’s old friends, truly.”


Also Known As: Mena Suvari, age 22
You Know, the Girl Who…: Sang in the jazz choir and mustered up the nerve to ask Oz (Chris Klein) to prom.
Status: Married to 38-year-old cinematographer Robert Brinkman for one year
Post-Graduation Lows: Loser, Sugar & Spice
Post-Graduation Highs: American Beauty
Honors and Achievements: SAG Award for Best Ensemble (American Beauty); Movieline Young Hollywood Award for Breakthrough Performance, Female
Summer Plans: Heather’s off studying in Spain for most of the film, but tries to maintain her long-distance relationship with Oz via phone.
Parting Shot:: “That was like, my first main role in a studio movie. I’d done a couple independents before,” Suvari recalls. “I was just happy to be a part of it. And I’d never done anything that was so ensemble with people my age. I’ve learned so much about so many things since then.”


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Also Known As: Thomas Ian Nicholas, age 21
You Know, the Guy Who…: Learned the art of pleasuring a woman by studying a legendary manual hidden in the school library
Status: Single
Post-Graduation Lows: The straight-to-video flick Cutaway with Dennis Rodman(!)
Post-Graduation Highs: A stint on Party of Five in its last season; a role in the latest Halloween installment
Honors and Achievements: None
Summer Plans: It’s Kevin who decides to strengthen the bonds between the guys, apart all year as college freshmen, by renting a summer house and throwing parties. He’s also hoping to get back together with Vicky (Tara Reid).
Parting Shot: While more low-key than his co-stars, Nicholas remains their biggest fan. “It was great to watch all these people that you had started out with in the first Pie, and watch everyone do so well and cheering them on and stuff. It’s really great to watch everyone move forward.”


Also Known As: Tara Reid, age 25
You Know, the Girl Who…: Wanted to hear the perfect “I love you” before sacrificing her virginity in the perfect first time … which turned out to be less than.
Status: Newly single after a highly public breakup with MTV veejay Carson Daly
Post-Graduation Lows: Body Shots, Just Visiting, Josie and the Pussycats
Post-Graduation Highs: Dr. T & the Women
Honors and Achievements: None
Summer Plans: After a year of no contact with Kevin, Vicky just wants to be friends and move on. But does it really work that way?
Parting Shot:: Of the reunion, Reid says: “It was so funny to hear everyone’s voice again. Like just saying the parts, it came back to life. Stifler being crazy Stifler, everyone just talking with each other and doing it, and …the relationships. It was so, ‘Here we go again.’ It was fun.”




Also Known As: Eddie Kaye Thomas, age 20
You Know, the Guy Who …: Wouldn’t pee in the unsanitary school toilets, then had his mochaccino spiked by Stifler (Seann William Scott) and suffered utter bowel humiliation; also bedded Stifler’s mom (Jennifer Coolidge)
Status: Single
Post-Graduation Low: Freddy Got Fingered
Post-Graduation High: Black and White
Honors and Achievements: None
Summer Plans: Finding that no woman ever compared to Stifler’s mom, Finch sneaks into her bedroom and finds a book on tantric sex, which he begins to study intensely during the boys’ summer stay. Will they reunite?
Parting Shot: It’s not the end of Finch and Stifler’s encounters, particularly when Stifler must grab Finch’s derriere during the lesbian-dare scene. “[It’s] not so humiliating on my end,” says Thomas cheerfully. “I come out pretty clean. You see a little Eddie Kaye Thomas butt cheek.” Of his character, he says: “I think he’s on a different universe. It’s amazing that he can actually have conversations with these people. If he were walking this earth, he’d go pretty well unnoticed, ’cause he’s a freak.”


Also Known As: Natasha Lyonne, age 22
You Know, the Girl Who…: Gave the expert sex advice to other cast members, at one point telling Vicky (Tara Reid): “It’s not a space shuttle launch — it’s sex.”
Status: Reportedly dating actor Adam Goldberg.
Post-Graduation Lows: But I’m a Cheerleader, Detroit Rock City
Post-Graduation Highs: If These Walls Could Talk 2, Scary Movie 2
Honors and Achievements: None
Summer Plans: Jessica’s back to her old tricks: observing, laughing, and always dispensing world-weary advice.
Parting Shot:: Where does Lyonne think her character wound up after American Pie 2? “Judging by this one, it seems she has quite a bit of a drinking problem,” she cracks. “I would sense maybe she, after going to AA meetings, she’s come out on the other side and is perhaps … a writer.”
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