Annie Lennox had awkward elevator meeting with Andy Warhol

Annie Lennox is still shocked by her random interaction with art great Andy Warhol in an elevator a year before his death.
The Eurythmics singer reveals the late photographer and artist complimented her Interview magazine cover story in 1986 during the awkward interaction.
“I once met Andy Warhol in a lift,” she tells the new issue of the publication. “I went into the elevator and he was there, and I almost wanted to jump.
“‘ Should I be cool and ignore him? Should I say hello?’ Then he looked at me and said in that unique voice he had, ‘I really liked your Interview cover’.”
But Annie doesn’t have fond memories of her interview with the publication over three decades ago, and she cringed when she read some of the answers she gave.
“Doing interviews while you’re trying to record is not great for a singer, because if you have a strained voice, the last thing you should be doing is talking,” she explains, “so I think when that interviewer came, I was kind of irritable.”