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Barbra Streisand was the force behind Jane Fonda auction

Barbra Streisand inspired Jane Fonda to auction off her keepsakes.
The actress has recruited Darren Julien and his experts at Julien’s Auctions to sell costumes, keepsakes and personal belongings as part of a clean-out next month (Sep16).
Highlights include the Barbarella star’s old workout leotards and a dress she wore in the movie Rollover that doubled as her wedding outfit when she married media mogul Ted Turned in 1991.
And Jane reveals a Streisand sale was the catalyst for the big auction.
“Barbra Streisand is the one that inspired me to do this and I know that she had a very important auction at Julien’s,” the actress says in a video promoting the upcoming sale.
“At a certain point in life you just want to pare things down and simplify… so with her approach in mind, I spent a very long time going through everything that I had.
“I’m sad in a way to let them (keepsakes) go – they’re like children – but one moves on… I’ve never done anything like this, pulled together things that mean so much to me, from things relating to my father and my early life to my most recent life.”
Other auction items include a collection of Fonda’s Versace gowns, works by Andy Warhol, the actress’ On Golden Pond script, and artwork by Marion Kavanaugh Wachtel.
Jane admits it was hard to part with the red and blue-striped leotard she wore on the front cover of her 1981 bestseller Jane Fonda’s Workout Book, adding, “I have kept it all these years because it is very meaningful to me.”
The sale will take place at Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles on 23 September (16).

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