Blake Lively: ‘I want a chef baby’



Actress Blake Lively has joked she hopes her youngest daughter Ines will develop the cooking talent of famous cartoon rodent chef Ratatouille.

The Age of Adaline star is a huge fan of food and she already sees huge culinary potential in her 12-month-old baby.

“I’m like the parent of an Olympian, but I want a chef baby,” she quipped during an appearance on chat show Live with Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday (24Oct17). “I’m like (dreaming of cartoon rat chef) Ratatouille with (Ines) all the time.”

“I went to Paris and I was eating in this cafe and a rat came running through. Normally you’d just be mortified and not want to eat your food (but) instead I was like (longingly calling out) REMY!” Blake added with a laugh.

The proud mum, who also shares three-year-old daughter James with husband Ryan Reynolds, is impressed with her baby girl Ines’ strong appetite.

“She’ll eat whatever,” Lively noted. “She’s just so divine, she came out of the womb a little foodie!”

This is the second time Blake has commented on Ines‘ appetite in as many weeks – she also spoke about the tot’s broad palate while interviewing on The Tonight Show on 13 October (17).

“I made a Cookie Monster cake (for Ines‘ birthday) and it was so cute,” she gushed. “She just looked at it and just reached for (my) steak. And then she grabbed the other one and was hand-fisting two steaks. I’ve given birth to a baby viking! Her sleeves were dripping in blood from steak.”

Blake took a culinary class at the famous Le Cordon Bleu in Paris in 2010 and the avid foodie enjoys taking cooking courses in communities around the world to immerse herself into local culture.