Canada Goose fires back at PETA over Pamela Anderson’s letter to Toronto Film Festival boss

Outerwear company Canada Goose has slammed PETA activists for “misinforming” their celebrity spokespeople after Pamela Anderson urged the Toronto International Film Festival to sever ties with the firm.
Anderson wrote a letter to festival artistic director Cameron Bailey earlier this week (beg02Sep19), urging him to cut links to sponsors Canada Goose over the company’s alleged cruelty towards geese and coyotes.
She wrote: “Canada Goose’s ‘standards’ allow for coyotes to suffer for days in steel traps with a broken or bleeding leg before the trapper returns to shoot or bludgeon them to death, and the company’s jackets are stuffed with the down feathers of birds who died violently. I urge you to make this year the last one in which you have Canada Goose as a sponsor, just as the Berlin International Film Festival cut ties with the company in 2017.”
With animal rights protests planned for Thursday’s (05Sep19) opening night and throughout the festival, a Canada Goose source has fired back, insisting Anderson has been misinformed by PETA activists.
“We are disappointed that PETA continues to grossly misinform their celebrity spokespeople about our use and sourcing of fur and down and we would encourage them to do their research first and not misrepresent the facts,” a statement reads. “This scripted rhetoric continues to attempt to mislead consumers, while we remain committed to the responsible use and ethical sourcing of all materials in our products, as evidenced by our transparency standards.”
The statement also addresses Canada Goose’s exit as a sponsor of the Berlin Film Festival, insisting event bosses did not sever ties with the company.
“PETA has misrepresented the facts and their rhetoric in no way affected the mutual decision by both Canada Goose and Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival) not to renew our sponsorship agreement. When the sponsorship agreement came to an end we decided not to renew based on changes in strategic priorities.”