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Carly Pope Dishes About Her Recipe for the Perfect Holiday

Lifetime: How would you describe this movie?
To me it’s a mother-daughter bonding film about forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance, but it’s also a romantic comedy. The characters are unique and intertwine in both silly and profound ways.

Lifetime: Any similarities between you and your character J.J.?
Pope: I carry many of the same types of protective mechanisms that J.J. does. Sometimes it’s easier for her to turn a blind eye to avoid pain and I’m also inclined to do that. However, I wish I didn’t have that trait!

Lifetime: Ever thought about living in the Big Apple like your character did?
Pope: I could never afford an apartment like J.J.’s!

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Lifetime: How was it working with Christine Baranski and Bobby Cannavale?
Pope: Amazing! It really was a barrage of laughs all the time, and onscreen you get nothing but the best from them because they’re so talented.

Lifetime: What’s your favorite part of Christmas?
Pope: I really like seeing friends and family. As you get older you’re not always in everyone’s immediate environment, so coming together is really special. And I don’t mind butter tarts either!

Lifetime: Do you have a gift for food like your character?
Pope: I certainly don’t have the type of epicurean talent that J.J. has, but I do get inspired at times. I’ll bake something but try to alter it in some unique or bizarre way, like trying applesauce instead of butter just for kicks. I can’t say it always works out.

Lifetime: Looking forward to a special dish on Christmas?
Pope: As awful as the name sounds, on Christmas morning my mom serves up something called a “wife saver.” It’s a soufflé kind of brunch dish that you make the night before, so you don’t have to be in the kitchen in the morning. It’s fantastic!

Lifetime: Any New Year’s resolutions?
I haven’t really thought of anything other than to make sure I’m taking care of myself. That includes sleeping, exercising and eating right, keeping in touch with people, and doing all those things that are good for the soul.

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