Daniel Kaluuya refused to eat pizza in Chicago


Daniel Kaluuya is not a fan of pizza and has described the popular dish as ‘just an open sandwich’.

The Black Panther actor made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night (25Oct18), where he discussed his role in Steve McQueen’s upcoming heist movie Widows.

Host Jimmy asked Daniel what it was like shooting the film in Chicago, and whether he had dined at any of the local pizzerias, and the London-born star gave a controversial response.

“Everyone said I should eat pizza and I was like, ‘No, I don’t want to.’ I just didn’t want to,” he said.
The TV presenter then queried him further over his “crazy” stance, with Daniel going on to comment, “Pizza is just an open sandwich. It’s an open cooked sandwich. Whenever I have pizza I go, ‘Oh, this is a cool open sandwich.’ I don’t hate it, it’s just like, I can open a sandwich at home and put it on the grill. So, when I’m paying for something, I want to go somewhere where I can’t do that.”

When members of the audience began booing, Daniel yelled back, “Come on then, I don’t care!”
Jimmy proceeded to pick up a phone on his desk and jokingly stated, “President Trump, we need someone deported immediately! Yes, he’s calling pizza an open sandwich!”

Accordingly, the 29-year-old responded: “I believe it though, so if I believe it’s true, it’s true.”

During the chat, Daniel also spoke about his role in hit 2017 horror movie Get Out and what it was like to be nominated for a string of awards. But in spite of his success, he insisted that his mother was not impressed when he received a nomination for an Academy Award.

“I was like, ‘Mom, I got nominated for an Oscar!’ And she was like, ‘Congratulations, does this mean you’re going to have a job?'” he laughed.

Widows, also featuring Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez and Colin Farrell, is due to hit cinemas from early November.