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‘Day’ Breaking New Ground

Day Break 9/8c on ABC

The dynamic Taye Diggs is not quite a look-a-like for the aging, ever-quirky Bill Murray, however in tonight’s two-episode premiere of Day Break, he enters into the same dreary nightmare that Murray experienced in the ‘90s comedy Groundhog Day–waking up to the same day over and over again.

The circumstances are tenser here though, because the day that makes-up the entire first season happens to be the very worst one of Brett Hooper’s life. He gets accused of murdering an assistant district attorney, and then goes on the run to both avoid conviction and get to the bottom of the conspiracy targeting him and those who are close to him.

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As each new episode begins, Hooper has the ability to change his actions in order to avoid certain consequences, but the day is the same–and unlike Groundhog Day when Murray couldn’t remain injured or die, the previous day’s stresses and injuries carry-over and affect him.

Creators already have ideas in mind for future seasons, and ABC has high hopes for this mid-season debut.

While Dancing With the Stars takes its final bow and Lost is sipping cocktails on the beach until February, Diggs and a supporting cast consisting of Meta Golding, Moon Bloodgood, Adam Baldwin, and Ramon Rodriguez, have a good chance at helping its network through this challenging time.

Day Break airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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