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Dick Van Dyke: ‘I’d love to appear in Mary Poppins sequel’

Movie veteran Dick Van Dyke has changed his mind about the Mary Poppins sequel, insisting he would love to make a cameo in the film.
Mary Poppins Returns will be set 20 years after the original, as the grown-up Michael, originally portrayed by child star Matthew Garber, is attempting to cope after experiencing a personal loss.
Emily Blunt will lead the cast as Mary, while Hamilton star/creator Lin-Manuel Miranda will portray Jack – an updated version of Van Dyke’s character Bert.
The 90-year-old recently told the Daily Mirror newspaper he wasn’t keen to see the sequel, adding, “Without (filmmaker) Walt Disney, and the Sherman brothers to write the score, and (actress) Julie (Andrews), it will be difficult, I think.”
“Sequels are traditionally not as good as the first. But I wish them well,” he added diplomatically.
However, in an interview with U.S. breakfast show Today on Thursday (29Sep16), Dick appeared to have changed his tune about appearing in the new musical.
“I talked to the director (Rob Marshall) and they said it’ll be an homage (to the original),” he explained. “I think they want me to come in at the end as the old banker and do a little song, which I’d love to do.”
Van Dyke also let it slip that the original Mary Poppins, Andrews, is also considering a cameo role.
Mary Poppins Returns, which will also feature Blunt’s Into The Woods and The Devi Wears Prada co-star Meryl Streep, is slated for release in 2018.

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