Dierks Bentley injures hand in biking accident

Country star Dierks Bentley is nursing a “messed up” hand after falling off a mountain bike.
The What Was I Thinkin’ hitmaker took a tumble while on a break in Colorado on Tuesday (25Jun19), and ended up having to check himself into a hospital emergency room.
Bentley broke the news to fans during a phone interview with Maryland DJ Michael J, revealing he had been running late for the radio chat because he had to seek medical attention.
“(I’m) just walking out of the hospital…,” he shared. “(I was) just trying to get my summertime on before I get back out on the road, and I just took a wipe, and my wrist is a little messed up.”
The singer explained he had “tweaked up” a bone in his left hand and been fitted with a temporary splint while doctors determine whether he requires a full cast, reports The Boot.
However, Bentley is taking the news in his stride: “It’s lucky: It’s my left hand, and I drink beer with my right, so I should be good to go for the rest of the summer!”
On a more serious note, he assured fans, “It’ll be fine. It’ll be all good. It’s not gonna slow me down much.”
Bentley will have a few days to rest up before returning to the stage in Syracuse, New York on Sunday (30Jun19) as part of his ongoing 2019 Burning Man Tour.