DO IT TODAY: ’24’ Day 7 Finale


24 Day 7 Finale
(Monday, May 18, 2009)

Twenty-two hours have passed, and the gasps-per-heart-thump rate is perhaps the highest of the series yet. We now know that Day 8 is in development, so whatever pickle Jack Bauer is in tonight (8PM ET/PT), he will get out of it with his breath in tact. Sure, said pickle leaves Jack pleading to “die in peace” — but Jack’s too busy for death. Way too busy thwarting off former buddy Tony Almeida’s bio-attack attempt on Washington D.C. (Angels & Demons reenacted a similar ploy this weekend but on Vatican City) and figuring out how to get his daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) out of a very, very bad hostage situation, which Tony’s cohort Cara Bowden was all too happy to orchestrate. Tonight’s two-hour finale leads us into the wee hours of an exhausting Day 7; if you’ve got the guts to relive it, like, now, the complete series arrives on DVD tomorrow. Make your bets on who they’re gonna cast as the four-year-old girl Teri — rumored to be Kim’s daughter, aka Jack’s granddaughter. Side note: If Kiefer Sutherland is anything like Jack, he, too, will find a way to get out of the I-gave-this-guy-a-broken-nose-all-for-Brooke-Shields snafu soon.

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