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‘Entourage’ Season Four: Ep. 54 “The Cannes Kids”

The end of the Entourage season finds the boys are in Cannes–and there’s nothing like the South of France to get you in the mood. To sell a movie, that is. 

At the Cannes Film Festival, Eric is a little pesimisstic Medellin will sell as big as everyone else thinks it will. While Drama preaches The Secret and the power of positive thinking, Vince just wants E to get behind the movie. He promises to try. They run into Prince Yair, the same rich guy who would have funded Medellin—if Vince would have slept with his wife. Yair has since ditched the wife, but is still up for spending a little money. He invites the guys to his yacht for a big party and to discuss a proposition.

Medellin money man Nicky Rubenstein calls Ari in a panic, expressing the same sort of negative feelings about the fate of Medellin as Eric, but in a more frantic, ADD-kind of way. Flipping out, he demands Ari sell this movie pronto–or he’ll pull the credit card in Cannes. Later, Prince Yair tells the guys he is starting up a distribution company and wants Medellin to be his freshman effort. He wants it badly–and puts an offer of $35 million on the table, sight unseen. Later, the guys are discussing it. Eric thinks maybe they should seriously consider it, but Walsh and Vince want to sell it to a reputable studio that wins Oscars.

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Meanwhile, Drama is reaping the benefits of being a Viking god in France. Yes, once again Viking Quest opens doors for our intrepid actor. The French love it. Say what you will about Drama’s less than stellar career, but that show has given this guy more opportunities. At the hotel, however, it seems his reservation got messed up and his room isn’t ready. Not a good start.

On the yacht, however, Drama meets a beautiful girl, Jacqueline, who has grown up watching Viking Quest. They click immediately, and he brings her back to the hotel. The room is finally ready, but it is very small and completely unacceptable in Drama’s eyes. He wants a suite, so he leaves Jaqueline in the room to try and get a better one. But when he loses his temper with the manager and tells him to f**k off, the manager promptly throws him out. Drama is such an idiot. Desperate to get to Jacqueline, Drama pays someone to go look for her, but she has disappeared. He tries looking for her back on Yair’s yacht to no avail. He thinks he’s in love. But where is she?

Ari decides to generate a bidding war on the film. He sees Dana at the Medellin press conference and tells her they already have a huge offer and maybe she should consider grabbing it before it’s too late. She balks at first, saying they aren’t going to buy a movie they haven’t seen yet. But later, at a mid-afternoon party, big, mean Harvey shows up to berate Eric once again for screwing him on the deal. Dana is nearby watching as Ari goes in to hug Harvey, making it look like Harvey is the one with the big offer. That does it, she calls and says the studio will have an offer in the morning. Cut to the next morning, and the offer is low. Vince wants to come clean and be honest about Yair’s deal, but Ari stops him. Have to play the game and make it look like it’s real competition. They push Dana hard in the negotiation—and she finally agrees to $32 million.

Ari calls Nicky to give him the good news, but it seems Yair has already called Nicky and offered $75 million—and he took it. Oy vey. At the premiere of Medellin, there’s the usual big red carpet splash. Drama has finally rendez vous-ed with the guys after spending the night on Yair’s yacht. And to his immense surprise, there’s Jacqueline, waiting for him. He sweeps her off her feet, and they leave to have sex on the Mediterranean beach, much to the pleasure of Cannes denizens who watch them.

Back at the premiere, Medellin is just ending. As the creidts begin to roll, you can hear a pin drop—until someone boos. It’s a stinker all right, Eric called it from the beginning. Walsh of course starts screaming at the audience. Dana thanks Ari for not selling it to her, and Yair decides to back out of the deal since he never really signed anything. And then Harvey shows up to gloat. He does see some genius in Medellin, though. He’ll buy it for $1.00 and totally recut it. It’s the only deal they are going to get, so somehow Vince and the boys will make it work.

It’s all about positive thinking.

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