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Episode Nine – “Survivor Season Two”

What we’ve all been waiting for….

Ice queen Jerri is history, and it wasn’t Kucha votes that sealed her fate: Colby, Tina and Keith – her former tribe members – helped cast her away. Long live Colby, Tina and Keith.
Actually, a clever bit of strategy on Colby’s part may have turned the tide. After both Colby and Jerri won the Luxury Challenge – the prize being a trip to the Great Barrier Reef and a lunch of sandwiches, pasta, brownies, cocktails and the ever-present Doritos – Colby did a very smart thing upon returning to the Outback.

He brought presents.

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Colby offered his fellow Barramundi members pieces of Great Barrier coral as gifts, much to Jerri’s chagrin. His gifts instilled the impression in his mates’ minds that he had been thinking of them while vacationing at the Reef, while Jerri appeared selfish – empty-handed. It is a game.

The Immunity Challenge proved to be more entertaining than usual, as tribe members battled each other one-on-one in a test of balance. Tug-of-war while standing on floating crates was interesting…. Doing anything on floating crates should be. But after all the tugging had ended, former Kucha member Nick proved victorious, beating the mighty Colby.

Later that night, at Tribal Council, voting down party lines was extinguished. Even Colby – who had spent a very romantic, flirtatious day at the Reef with Jerri – voted against his fellow Ogakor member.

It was a typical breakup.

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