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Fascinating Hollywood Facts

1. Actress Rose McGowan grew up in a Children of God commune near Florence, Italy, and didn’t learn to speak English until she was 10.

2. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis‘ eldest daughter, Rumer, is following her parents into the movies–she’s landed the lead role in new film Seducing Spirits.

3. Moviemaker Robert Rodriguez turned his Grindhouse movie Planet Terror into a true family affair: As well as killing his 7-year-old son, Rebel, in the film, he also included his twin nieces, Elise and Electra Avellan, in the cast.

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4. Revered CNN talk-show host Larry King dreams of interviewing Jesus Christ, insisting he’d ask, “Do you believe you were born of a virgin birth?” King celebrates his 50th anniversary in broadcasting with a string of special shows next week.

5. Quentin Tarantino has been turned into a doll to accompany his appearance as Rapist Number One in Robert Rodriguez‘s Grindhouse movie Planet Terror. The lifelike miniature is available at Toys R Us stores.

6. Former Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is launching her second fragrance, Covet Sarah Jessica Parker, later this year.

7. Natalie Portman and former The Office star Mackenzie Crook appear in the video of Paul McCartney‘s latest single from his new album Memory Almost Full.

8. Scottish funnyman Billy Connolly has joined the likes of Kiefer Sutherland in a campaign to rename New York’s West Village ‘Little Britain’ after the affinity expat Brits feel for the area.

9. Alien actress Sigourney Weaver will replace wildlife expert David Attenborough as narrator on nature program Planet Earth when it is aired on the Discovery Channel later this month.

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10. Marisa Tomei is set to make her Off Broadway directorial debut later this month after taking charge of Duke Theater’s war-themed The Machine, which is part of the venue’s upcoming series of plays.


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