Florence Welch slams Instagram’s ‘compare and despair’ culture


Florence Welch has to be careful not to spend too much time on Instagram because it gives her panic attacks.

The 32-year-old admitted she “really likes” the app, but told Britain’s ES Magazine she has to limit her time on it because it sends her “totally insane”.

“I have to be really careful, especially when I’m lonely on tour, and you think that it’s going to help you feel less lonely,” she said. “The ‘compare and despair’ thing is really difficult, and also the sense that you have to solidify your identity every day. That’s tricky because I need a lot of quiet time and time not to be exposed or in the spotlight.”

“So every time I post a picture I have a small panic attack,” she added.

The You’ve Got The Love hitmaker explained her anxiety ranges from “low-level to sometimes extreme”, and although she admitted things got better since she quit drinking alcohol, the star confessed sobriety can cause loneliness when she’s out on the road.

“I’m grateful that I was able to go and get sober away from the public eye,” Florence confessed. “Most of the things in my life have got exponentially better from not drinking, but it’s lonely, being sober on big tours.”

The Florence + the Machine star opened up about her sobriety last year (2018), and revealed she was once in “so much pain” and “horrified” by how much alcohol was impacting her daily life she decided to quit boozing.

She told Elle U.K. magazine: “I had to stop drinking. I was a party monster and it was getting to the stage where I was just mashing myself to bits all the time.”