Geena Davis wants wedding video thrown out of divorce proceedings

Geena Davis has urged a judge not to allow her wedding video into divorce proceedings, insisting the footage is doctored.
The A League of Their Own actress is currently embroiled in a legal battle with her former partner Reza Jarrahy, who filed for divorce from her in May, 2018 after claiming the couple tied the knot in 2001, but Geena asserts they were never legally married.
Jarrahy filed documents, including photos from the couple’s wedding day, as proof they were legally married, but he acknowledged they did not get a license, and now Davis insists footage of the nuptials can’t be used as proof they actually wed.
According to court filings obtained by TMZ, Geena claims the wedding video is an inaccurate representation of the actual ceremony that occurred because “footage appears to be missing”.
She insists it cannot be considered evidence due to audio dubbing and editing that has made the vow exchange “distorted and misleading”.
The judge has not yet entered a ruling on whether the wedding video can be considered as evidence in the ongoing case.
Jarrahy is seeking spousal support and a full split of shared marital assets in his divorce proceedings, as Davis continues to contend their marriage license was never properly returned to the court clerk, voiding their union.