House fire forced Stranger Things star Jake Busey to live in his car

Stranger Things star Jake Busey had to live in his car a decade ago after his home in Los Angeles burned down.
The actor son of Gary Busey had to turn to friends for help during a tough 2010 and 2011, when he couldn’t afford to repair the damage done by a blaze.
“It was a rough one for me,” he tells Access Live. “I had had a lull… I was kinda living just pay cheque to pay cheque… and just getting by, and the house burned from inside the walls… The chimney hadn’t been cleaned… and it burned down and I didn’t have the money (to repair the damage).
“I grew up here in Los Angeles and I had a lot of friends around and I was able to stay with different friends and I got through it.”
One friend who came to his aid was April Hutchonson, who became Busey’s girlfriend. The couple has a seven-year-old daughter together.