Jack White returns to baseball game after playing gig

Jack White returned to watch the end of a Washington Nationals baseball game on Saturday night (17Aug19), after leaving midway through to play a gig.
The Seven Nation Army rocker is a huge fan of the sport and often tries to catch Major League Baseball (MLB) matches in cities where he is touring.
Ahead of a gig at Washington D.C. venue The Anthem on Saturday, he and his band The Raconteurs decided to catch a few innings of the Nationals’ game against the Milwaukee Brewers, leaving early on to perform their set.
However, the remarkable game was tied and went into extra innings – meaning Jack was able to return playing to watch its conclusion.
Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal spotted the rocker was back in the crowd at Nationals Park and told fans watching the game on the U.S. TV network the story behind his return.
“Jack White and his band, they were here for the first three innings, then they had to bail to go to the show,” he explained. “Then they checked the score after the show and saw it was tied and so they actually came back.”
Jack witnessed the climax one of the most exciting games of the MLB season so far, as ultimately the Brewers beat the Nationals 15-14 in the 14th inning.