Jaime King: ‘Reporters need to ask me more questions about world matters’


Jaime King has become the latest actress to challenge red carpet reporters to ask her better questions.

The Pearl Harbor star has urged journalists to ditch questions about fashion and what she’s wearing and ask her about current affairs and politics.

Asked to comment on Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter’s decision to resign at the end of the year (17) at the Prabal Gurung fashion show in New York, Jaime appeared to block the question.

Explaining her lack of response later, she told WWD.com, “Everybody’s truth is different, so what was important to the reporter in that moment was Graydon Carter stepping down from Vanity Fair but what was important to me, what I’ve been thinking about all day was totally different.

“But she (reporter) can’t read my mind. And it would seem completely appropriate to ask that question at a fashion show. But it was what was going on inside of me that was different than what was going on inside of her. And she was doing her job. But it really showed me how affected I was feeling by all of this. It really wasn’t until she asked… I was like, ‘How do I answer this respectfully, honestly?'”

“It’s knowing your subject, knowing who you’re speaking to and what you lean towards,” she later added. “Some people are much more apolitical and some people… that’s not going to be the first thing on their mind and they’re not thinking about those kinds of things.

“I think knowledge is a really important thing. I think that if someone is coming to ask me questions, I hope that they would know – given that I’m very outspoken – what my perspective is, and tailor the question to that. That being said, we’re in a time where pop culture and fashion and those kinds of questions are really important.

“It doesn’t mean that it is less significant, but to me what’s happening globally (and) within our country is much more significant, right? So it’s a really delicate balance.”

Jaime went on to suggest a better question to ask celebrities on the red carpet is: “What are you really focused on? What are you interested in…? What is it that you’re reading or learning about that’s interesting to you right now in the news?”

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