John Cleese Diagnosed with Leg Infection


British funnyman John Cleese is battling a leg infection.

The Monty Python icon has been forced to walk around with a medical pump attached to his leg as part of his treatment, but he considers the device more of a hindrance than a help.

Complaining about the contraption during an interview with Vulture, the 77-year-old declared, “I want to murder this thing. I’ve got a leg infection and now have a f**king cube (device) sucking out the scunge (filth). It’s quite annoying.”

Cleese didn’t go into detail about his infection, but went on to share his thoughts on death, insisting it’s something he has long accepted as just a part of life.

The actor is well aware his days on Earth are numbered, and as such, the aging star prefers to spend his spare time learning about new things by reading instead of watching modern comedy shows.

“I don’t know much about contemporary comedy. I don’t watch any,” he said. “I’m 77. I will almost certainly be dead within 10 years – maybe I’ll get 15. So to sit down to watch a sitcom seems to be a rather futile way of passing the time. It’s as simple as that. If I have a free evening, I’ll read, because there are so many things I don’t begin to understand and that I’d like to try and get a handle on before I’m dead.”

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