Josh Lucas coaching his son’s soccer team

Sweet Home Alabama star Josh Lucas has added soccer coach to his resume after taking charge of his son’s New York sports team.
The actor has joined the elite group of celebrity mums and dads who volunteer to tackle their kids’ sporting dreams head on.
“I’m the coach of the Fighting Flounders of Pier 6,” he coos. “It’s the Brooklyn Bridge Conservation League, which is really amazing.
“(The fields complex) shoots out into the East River and you have all of New York City in the background… It’s a pretty amazing place to coach and also to be a coach of a six-year-old team is nothing but joy for me.”
But Josh’s first season as a soccer coach took a hit at the weekend when the Flounders lost their first game: “We were undefeated until a couple of days ago and (my son) was the only person on the team who noticed we lost.”