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Judge blocks plans for Bruce Willis’ private airstrip

A judge in Idaho has banned Hollywood action man Bruce Willis from completing the construction of a private airstrip on government-owned land.
The Die Hard star was initially allowed to start work on the dirt runway near the city of Fairfield in Camas County last year (16), but had to halt its construction in September (16), when the local Planning and Zoning Administrator, Dwight Butlin, discovered the land had actually been earmarked for agricultural use.
According to the Idaho Mountain Express, county commissioners decided to amend legislation in December (16) to allow the airstrip, known as Soldier Field Airport, to move forward, but residents in the area objected to the ordinance change and filed suit.
The case recently went before 5th District Judge Robert Elgee, who issued a summary judgement in the plaintiffs’ favour, declaring local authorities had violated state laws and shown a “complete disregard” for property rights and the best interests of the neighbourhood.
Willis, who owns land in the area, has yet to comment on the news.

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