Kelly Rowland ditches gruelling workout regime after relocating to Australia


Kelly Rowland is enjoying a more relaxed approach to health and wellbeing after moving Down Under.

The Destiny’s Child star relocated to Sydney, Australia earlier this year (18) to film her second season with The Voice Australia and was recently crowned queen of the coaches after proteges Sam Perry and Bella Paige took first and second place respectively.

The singer-turned-coach might be revelling in the feeling of success, but she’s also celebrating a scaled-back fitness routine, something she attests to the infectious slow pace of her surroundings and spending more time with her husband Tim Weatherspoon and their three-year-old son Titan.
“Since I’ve been here I have not worked out once,” Kelly, 37, laughed in an interview with Vogue Australia.

It’s a stark contrast to the hectic life she led in Los Angeles before, where she admitted she had racked up a gruelling weekly regime of boxing, Pilates, weights and running.

“I like to run track as if I were an Olympian,” she joked. “I went from doing all of the above before I left (L.A.) to doing nothing.”

While she confessed she did “beat herself up a little bit” for temporarily abandoned exercise, it hasn’t fazed the Dilemma hitmaker too much.

Instead, she has invested in eating healthily – after watching videos on the destruction of the ocean she revealed she has stopped eating fish “for now” and dines on salads and, interestingly, tumblers of crushed ice.

“If I am one less person eating fish, then that’s one more fish in the ocean,” she explained. “You know, everyone says one thing at a time, so I’m trying to do my part for Earth.”

Kelly’s also discovered the health benefits of meditation and regularly uses mindfulness app Calm to restore balance in her otherwise busy lifestyle by doing a series of guided exercises.

“It’s awesome,” she gushed. “I do it every other day, first thing in the morning or if I feel like I’m overwhelmed or anxious and I have to bring it all ‘in’, because that means I’m putting too much energy out and not giving myself anything.”