Kris Jenner’s Alleged Stalker to Undergo Mental Health Evaluation


Kris Jenner’s alleged stalker is set to undergo a mental competency test to see if she is fit to stand trial.

Christina Elizabeth Bankston was arrested in Oakland, California in August, 2016, on 15 counts of hacking and cyberstalking for allegedly hacking into Kris‘ iCloud and social media accounts and impersonating her, sending her threatening texts, and harassing Kris, her assistants and several relatives between March and September 2014.

Bankston was due to stand trial over the allegations, but it has now been pushed back until March (18) to allow a doctor to carry out a mental health evaluation and submit a report, according to The Blast.

Prosecutors in the case reportedly stated in court documents that there “is reasonable cause to believe” that Bankston “may be presently suffering from a mental disease or defect rendering her mentally incompetent to the extent that she is unable to understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against her or to assist properly in her defense.”

Her lawyers agreed to the mental competency test.

BuzzFeed News obtained court documents in 2016 which reportedly stated Bankston had sent countless text messages and emails, some of which were disturbing and sexual in nature, to Kris during the six-month period in 2014.

Besides impersonating the Kardashian matriarch online, Bankston has also been accused of imitating her in a phone call to the police in which she claimed a family member was trying to commit suicide and messaging a friend as Kris, telling her she had cancer.

Bankston also allegedly sent messages to Kris‘ ex-husband Bruce Jenner, before his transition to Caitlyn, claimed she had a sex tape of Kris, and hacked into her daughter Kourtney’s email account.

In 2017, the 62-year-old was granted a permanent restraining order against former security guard Joshua Jacobs after he was charged with felony stalking.