Lauren Graham shocked by Shirley MacLaine’s Thanksgiving visit

Shirley Maclaine left actress Lauren Graham stunned one Thanksgiving when she showed up for the feast.
The Gilmore Girls star loves hosting the holiday at her home in Hollywood and has an open door policy for anyone wanting to attend the festivities, but she had to rethink that one year when her nerves got the best of her after the Terms of Endearment actress showed up at the door.
“It was just an anxiety inducing appearance,” she told U.S. late night show host Busy Philipps. “Somebody who was invited by somebody brought somebody that they invited, which is beautiful, except that person was Shirley MacLaine.”
It was not the first time Lauren had met Shirley – she previously toured a home MacLaine was renting out – but explains it was still hard for her to keep it together.
“I love her work so much and I actually had an encounter with her when I almost rented a beach place from her…,” she added. “She showed me around the house (I wanted to rent) and she was like, ‘Here’s the oven, but of course you don’t cook’, like giving me the, ‘We’re actresses, so we’re the same’ (line).
“So that was incredible, but then she came into the house and I was just so nervous I couldn’t function…, but it was incredible to have her (there). What a treat.”