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‘Lost’ Season Two Recap: Ep. 14

“One of Them” 

In an Iraqi bunker during the Gulf War, soldiers in the Republican Guard are furiously trying to shred documents as bombs fall around them. The door is kicked in and a squad of American soldiers captures the Iraqi soldiers. They want to know who is in charge and only one of the new prisoners speaks English: Sayid.

Sayid is taken aside for questioning and asked where the commander, Tariq, is. A loyal soldier, Sayid only tells the Americans that Tariq fled long before they arrived. He is then led into a room to find Tariq tied to a chair in front of him. The Americans are looking for a missing American helicopter pilot and they know Tariq can lead them to him, so they ask Sayid to translate. But the commander refuses to cooperate and tells Sayid he’s a traitor for helping the Americans.

Sayid is then introduced to a man who has some information about what kind of man Sayid’s boss really is. He tells Sayid it is very important they find the missing helicopter pilot, but he knows Tariq will never talk to him. That’s why Sayid is going to have to make him talk, and learns about the fine art of torturing. But he swears he’ll never do it again. We know how that goes.

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Back on the island, Rousseau is lurking around the camp, looking for Sayid. When she finds him, she takes him to a clearing where a man is hanging in a net from a tree. Rousseau claims he is one of “them.” Sayid decides he’ll take him back to the hatch and find out exactly who he is. Jack tends to the guy’s wounds, but Locke ends up helping Sayid lock him in the armory so Sayid can “question” him, much to Jack’s chagrin.

The guy, Henry Gale, tells a very compelling story–about crashing his hot air balloon on the island with his wife, who has recently died of some mysterious illness. It sounds like he’s a victim in all of this, just like the rest of them. But Sayid wants to be sure. After what he has been through, Sayid needs to be sure.

Meanwhile, Jack is frantic to stop Sayid and confronts Locke, just as the two minute warning bells go off. It’s time to push the button again, but Jack blocks Locke’s way, saying he wants the combination to the armory or he’s going to let the clock run out. Jack still believes nothing will happen. But Locke is convinced something will. In a panic, he unlocks the armory for Jack and rushes off to set the clock back. Except he almost doesn’t make it…and loud humming noise begins and a series of weird hieroglyphics appear on the clock. At the last minute, Locke presses “execute” and the clock once again goes back to 108 minutes. Something indeed was about to happen–but what?

Sayid didn’t get a confession from Henry, who is still in the armory, but he’s convinced he’s one of the Others. He later tells Charlie everyone seems to have forgotten how Charlie was strung up by his neck and Claire was taken for two weeks. Sayid believes these people are ruthless–and will stop at nothing.

War is coming.

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