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‘Lost’ Season Two Recap: Ep. 9

“What Kate Did”

Now that everyone is reunited, can things get back to normal? For Jin and Sun, it’s a second chance. For Rose and Bernard is a happy reunion. But for Sayid, it means digging Shannon’s grave. And for Kate, it means tending to the ailing Sawyer, still suffering from his blood infection.

As Kate slides back down the trunk from collecting fruit, she hears something behind her and turns to see a magnificent black horse standing in the morning mist. On this island, anything is possible.

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In a flashback we see a younger version of Kate, waiting on the steps of her modest house. Her mother’s abusive husband, Wayne, swings into the driveway, drunk as usual. He’s happy to let Kate help him to bed, as long as it affords him another chance to lay his drunken hands on her. So when Kate tells him goodnight, she really means it. We see her go outside and ride off on her motorcycle as the house behind her explodes into a giant fireball. Whoa, so that’s what she did.

Now on the run, we see her first encounter with the U.S. Marshal, who arrests her. Yet, driving her to jail on a rainy street, the Marshal swerves and crashes the car into a tree, allowing the handcuffed Kate to make her first escape. When she pushes the Marshal out of the car and starts to drive off in it, she sees why they crashed: standing in the road is a black horse. Coincidence, I think not.

But back on the island, Kate is still haunted by her act–and now, she thinks she might be going crazy. In the Hatch, the delirious Sawyer calls out for Kate. When Jack leans in a little closer he hears Sawyer say something that makes him a little dizzy himself. “I love her.” And before he has time to process what that means, there is Kate, ready to take over. But then Kate has a very scary episode with Sawyer that shakes her to her core–and she runs out. Jack finds her later and they share a passionate moment, until Kate realizes her error and runs off again.

As everyone says goodbye to Shannon at her funeral, Kate struggles with her feelings for Jack and Sawyer as well as with her sanity. Meanwhile, Eko provides Locke with the missing piece of a puzzle that may ask more questions than it answers. Jack reaches out to Ana Lucia at a time when she needs a friend more than ever, and Michael discovers something new about the computer that just might hold the key to getting back his son.

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