Margot Robbie struggles with ‘loud’ thoughts when alone


Margot Robbie is driven “insane” by her loud thoughts when she’s left all alone.

Margot is one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses, and as well as striking up friendships with fellow A-listers like Cara Delevingne and Will Smith, the Australian star is also known for getting close to the crew on the sets of her movies.

When shooting 2014’s Suite Francaise, the movie where she met her husband, assistant director Tom Ackerley, Margot got so close to some of the crew, she ended up moving into a London apartment with them – Tom included – and she makes sure she never goes anywhere without company.

“I never do anything on my own,” she told ES Magazine of the importance of friendship. “I don’t see the purpose of doing anything if I don’t do it with my friends. I go mental when I am on my own; my thoughts are so loud it drives me insane.”

In the wide-ranging chat, the I, Tonya star opened up about the #MeToo movement, admitting she knew there was a problem in the industry with sexual harassment, but she didn’t realise it was something women were “allowed” to be angry about.

“Because no one spoke about it, no one said, ‘I am not putting up with this any more.’ It wasn’t called a problem, it was called a fact of life,” she continued. “That is such a terrible mindset. If we just accept things like sexual harassment as a fact of life, it doesn’t get fixed.”

The 28-year-old also opened up about her next acting ambition – to tread the boards in a play.
“I didn’t go to drama school and I didn’t go to university. I just really want to do theatre. The idea of doing it absolutely terrifies me, and I love that,” she grinned.