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Maroon 5 selling off old equipment and instruments

Maroon 5 are selling off the equipment and instruments they have used throughout their career, so other musicians will have the chance to use good gear.
The Moves Like Jagger hitmakers’ almost 200 items will be sold online, through Techno Empire’s Reverb shop on Thursday (30Aug18), according to Rolling Stone.
“We used all of this gear when we were kids, working hard to establish ourselves as a band,” a statement from keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmichael reads. “Now, we’re in a new phase and we need to clear out what we’re not using anymore to make room for the equipment that will help us create what comes next.
“This gear was such a huge part of our story and I hope that it goes to an up-and-coming band or musicians who can make it part of their own story.”
Some of the items sold will be pieces the band used on tours, including a Shure wireless microphone and multiple road cases emblazoned with the group’s name.
“I like the idea of road cases being passed down through different bands,” Carmichael says. “It’s nice to know that there’s some history there when you put your gear in a case that’s been all around the world with a band.”

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