Nick Jonas Opens Up About His DISASTROUS First Kiss With Miley Cyrus

Nick Jonas
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Nick Jonas had potent onion breath the first time he ever kissed Miley Cyrus.

The 23-year-old singer dated Miley, also 23, from June 2006 to December 2007. During The School Run feature with BBC Radio 1‘s Nick Grimshaw on Wednesday (13Apr16), Nick was questioned about his first romantic encounter.

“The first person I kissed was Miley Cyrus and I kissed her outside of California Pizza Kitchen in Hollywood – very romantic,” he laughed. “I’d just had a pizza that had onions all over it, I’m sure that my breath smelt terrible.”

“I don’t know (if she’d remember my breath smelling). I’d have to ask her. But I’m sure she does – it was probably pretty potent.”

The School Run sees DJ Grimshaw arrange for a celebrity to drive pupils home from school, with the students given the chance to ask the star some hard-hitting questions.

Another was when Nick was asked to choose who he would “Snog, marry, avoid” out of Miley, Demi Lovato and Kate Hudson, who he was recently romantically linked with.

Choosing to avoid Miley, after discussing their first kiss, Nick opted to marry his tour partner Demi, adding: “Demi and I are really good friends so I’d marry her because you want to marry your best friends – even though it’s weird to say that. I watched her one of these that she did and she said she’d marry me so I have to pay it back.

“And then I guess I’d snog Kate Hudson, right, that’s logical?”

Nick has worked hard to transform his image from butter wouldn’t melt boyband member to Hollywood heartthrob. He has bulked up in the gym and now has legions of female fans. But Nick revealed there is one aspect of his appearance that he has had to learn to love.

“(My crooked front teeth) used to bother me, I used to be really insecure about my teeth which is why I don’t usually smile with my teeth in pictures,” he confessed. “But now, years later, at 23, I really don’t care at all because it doesn’t matter!”