Nina Agdal struggling with ‘crippling anxiety’ during Fashion Week


Nina Agdal’s anxiety “explodes” during Fashion Week.

The Danish model is a regular on the runway, and looked picture-perfect as she attended the amfAR Gala in New York on Wednesday night (06Feb19).

But beneath the polished exterior, Nina has been struggling to cope with her anxiety, and admitted in a candid Instagram post that the stress of Fashion Week makes the battle even harder.

“I haven’t had a panick (sic) attack in a long time but for some reason, I was hit with one last night,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday, alongside a picture of her looking stunning at the amfAR event. “As I have expressed before, I’ve been dealing with anxiety for quite some time now and some days are worse than others, but during fashion week it explodes.

“I unfortunately this week tend to get crippling anxiety from the stress and countless events.”
Continuing her post, the stunning star urged people not to take it personally if she seems “off” when they see her.

“It’s not because ‘I’ve lost it’ or have anything against you,” the 26-year-old explained. “It’s simply because I get so overwhelmed these days that my brain capacity is 10 per cent of what it normally is and I struggle to have a conversation so I avoid it.”

Nina added that she doesn’t want to “turn to over consuming alcohol to keep me there by numbing myself and the anxiety,” and acknowledged that “last night was rough”.

Concluding her post, Nina wrote: “Nothing is more important than mental health, and anxiety doesn’t define me. I’m working hard on building a solid foundation for myself but like anything else, it takes time and effort. And to everyone who has these moments, you’re not alone, so let’s talk about it, take the power out of it and back into us.”

Her message was gratefully received by her fans, one of whom commented: “Thank you for coming forward. Hopefully, the stigma regarding anxiety and depression will be lessened. As one who struggled with terrible anxiety for many years, I can say it does get better with the right support and medication.”