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Rapper Freddie Gibbs acquitted of sexual assault charges in Austria

Rapper Freddie Gibbs has been acquitted of sexual assault charges in Vienna, Austria.
The Indiana-based hip-hop star, real name Frederick Tipton, was taken into custody earlier this year (16) by French police following accusations he sexually assaulted a woman in Austria last year (Jul15), and he has spent the past four months behind bars in France and Austria – but now his European nightmare is over.
After a short trial, lawmakers in the city sided with the rapper in the case, determining there was not enough evidence to prove that Gibbs had sex with the alleged victim. She claimed Gibbs spiked her drink at his Vienna hotel.
“The actual facts have always demonstrated that Freddie was and is 100 per cent innocent,” the rapper’s lawyer Theodore Simon says. “It is now self-evident he was wrongly accused.”
Gibbs was acquitted on Friday (30Sep16) and now plans to return home to the U.S.
A further statement from Simon reads: “We have always maintained unconditionally and without any doubt that Freddie would be and now has been fully exonerated and completely vindicated. We are pleased and thankful that the Court recognised the same trust and confidence we and all of his fans have had in Freddie that justified and resulted in his absolute acquittal.”
Gibbs was apprehended by police in June (16) prior to a concert in Toulouse, France. He was extradited to Austria to face the sexual assault charges.
“Freddie and his family look forward to returning to the States so he can resume his life and career,” Simon concludes.

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