Sarah Jessica Parker surprised by Cynthia Nixon’s governor run

Sarah Jessica Parker was surprised by Cynthia Nixon’s plan to run for Governor of New York.
Nixon announced her candidacy in March (18), and her plans to run for one of the biggest political seats in the U.S. shocked even her closest friends.
“I didn’t (anticipate) that she would seek a gubernatorial (governor) seat,” the 53-year-old star said during an interview at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on Friday (27Apr18), according to Entertainment Tonight. “She shared with me that she was going to announce about a month before.”
Explaining that her former Sex and the City co-star, and longtime friend, has been “an activist her entire life,” Parker is looking forward to what lies in store for Nixon’s political future.
“I was incredibly excited and proud of her. I think she’s already been good for the conversation,” she added. “She’s incredibly bright. She loves this city, she’s been involved in conversations about policies that have been really important to her for many years: Education, public schools, housing… the larger issues that are part of conversations that affect us here (in the city) and upstate as well.”
The New York Times recently reported that current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo leads Nixon in the polls by 31 points with a projected 58 per cent as opposed to her 27 per cent.
Despite the current statistics, Parker remains positive about the 52-year-old’s chances of winning the upcoming Democratic primary.
“This is what’s exciting about primaries, right? People can inspire an incumbent to reconsider policy… or just have a robust conversation,” she shared. “She’s formidable. She’s incredibly bright. She’s really brave. She’s excited about this race and it’s challenging. But, she seems enormously energised and I think it’s good for us to have a competitor – it’s always good. A challenger is good.”