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Saturday: ‘Night at the Museum’

[IMG:L]Night at the Museum — 10/9c on Cinemax

It’s a little weird that the target audience will be out cold by the time Cinemax premieres Night at the Museum, but anyway…

The surprise mega-blockbuster finally arrives on cable tonight, and kids, perhaps at a later date/earlier time, will be thrilled to watch.

In case you didn’t already know, Ben Stiller stars as a museum night watchman who finds himself face-to-face with all the formerly unliving displays once the lights go down. Also appearing are Carla Gugino, Robin WilliamsRicky Gervais and Owen Wilson, as well as legends such as Dick Van DykeMickey Rooney and Bill Cobbs.

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The movie solidified Stiller as a box office jugernaut when it comes to kid movies–not so much with R-rated movies, though, as we recently saw with The Heartbreak Kid–grossing more than a quarter-billion dollars domestically. And frankly, it’s good fun for adults, too. There, I said it.


Saturday Night Live — 11:30/10:30c on NBC
All right, Williams, let’s see whatcha got. That’d be Brian Williams, by the way. The veteran NBC news anchor steps out from behind the news desk and into satire land tonight, as host of SNL. Which is such a mismatch that it’ll be funny even if it’s not. With musical guest Feist, whom you may know and be tired of from the iPod Nano commercials.

[IMG:R]Boogie Nights — 9/8c on IFC
Did you really, properly appreciate Paul Thomas Anderson’s porn epic the way it deserved to be when it was released in 1997? Well neither did I, but here’s another shot from the folks at IFC. Pretend PTA has already scooped up that Best Director Oscar for next month’s There Will Be Blood–interested now?!

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